Installing Office Web App Server Lync2013

1         Installation of Office Web App Server

This document describes the installation of Office Web App Server for Lync2013

1.1         Let’s start up Setup.exe

Done and we can do the Powershell commands.

1.2        Powershell commands for Office Web Apps

We does the Import-module OfficeWebApps

Next Command:
New-OfficeWebAppsFarm –InternalURL https://servername.fqdn –CertificateName “Office Web Apps Certificate” -AllowHttp

Since we don’t have any external URL we will only make this for Internal URL.

Lets put it in the Allow List with the following  Powershell command:

New-OfficeWebAppsHost –Domain «domain.local»

1.3        Verifying the installing

Open an Internet Explorer and go to the url
You will get an webside with som XML code telling that this is up.

Job done

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