February 2020 summmary

The second month is gone in hurrycane. Corona is here. And why not just work from home and use Teams? With enterprise voice in Teams, and you are good to go. Use it for meetings, teamwork and phonecalls. This is how I can use my Teams client.

But what a month this has been and here comes a summary of the news that has happend in Teams.


Youtube video - Tendfor, Office App and Commsverse

Since there a great numbers of you who reads this blog, here is a new one.

Youtube Teams på Norsk, is my YouTube channel. Last week I created a new video. Watch it her: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3OE-rkWLWtQ&t=29s

This contains information on Tendfor switchboard and how to create emergency messages and how to use them.


Graph-API give you presence in switchboard Tenant

One of the product I have worked with the last 3-4 months and where I do have customer running live since Graph-API was in beta. Yes you read right. These customers was the first in the world to go live on Teams Graph-API.


Zoom, MS-700 Certification and more

There are lot's going on in the Teams world at the present time.
During this weekend I have together with my co-workers just move a customer from Skype Onprem to Teams with telephony for 300+ users. One of the cool stuff we did was to add SIP-registrar on Poly TRIO 8800 and on Poly VVX-311 also. For the TRIO 8800 we also added the new feature named USB PassThrough since they have Visual + in those rooms. And it's cool to report that everything works just as it should. Want to know more please contact us on Teams at blinQ.


Use Teams in Chrome new feature

Today I saw someone on LinkedIN say that you can call from Teams using Google Chrome.
Cool this I need to test:

And it works. Before you could only use Edge to do this now its coming to a browser near you. Soon I think it will be possible to use Firefox also.
To get this working you need:
1. SBC
2. Direct Routing
3. Phone system
4. Knowledge or someone who knows how to deliver your SBC or a provider who can deliver SBCaaS. Want to know more please contact me her: Teams blinQ


Find numbers in Teams, AA and CQ, used and unused

One of my best friends and ex-COWorker has made an script where we can find what numbers are used and what is free.
This has been something several people has done for Skype for Business. Well this one is the first I have seen for Teams.
You will find it here: Find Free phonenumbers

If you use it give him som credit for it :-)


New settings in CQ and AA

CQ and AA? What? well CallQueues and AutoAttendant. Lots of new changes there.
On Friday I started to look into this. And there are some major changes:
First it has been moved from the legacy portal to Teams portal (huge step).
It now looks like this:
Then you need a Resource account who is defined under Org-Wide-Settings. When this is made you need to if you shall use this with Direct Routing, it need an licence. Then you can use E1,E3 or E5 and you need to add phonesystem aswell.
When that is done you can just follow this guide: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftteams/manage-resource-accounts

Now you can start to build your CQ and AA.

February 2020 summmary

The second month is gone in hurrycane. Corona is here. And why not just work from home and use Teams? With enterprise voice in Teams, and yo...