Teams admin portal update

As many of you know already the Skype/Teams portal has changed name to
nothing new here to report.


Teams - Integration - Learing like a pro

Been a short break here but I'm back. There been plenty going on lately. As some of you have noticed I have published an post on LinkedIN. This has started to get viral
My post on LinkedIN and I hit a nerv here.


Teams - Personal Status - As in Skype4B

This is a nice feature that we who has used Skype for Business for a while remember
As we can see under your normal status you can now type in your personal status or let Outlook Out of Office be a part of it.
Press the pen and edit it for your time period
Nice feature and great that you can have it for a time period.

Want to know more about Teams, and Telephony in Teams (aka TiT) contact me and we will show you how it works.


KEMP Loadmaster on Nutanix

One customer of mine has start to migrate from VMware to Nutanix. This meens we had to move the KEMP VLM they had as a reverse proxy.
The first we did was to see that the old KEMP was in the right version for a move.
Then I took a backup of it including the certs and all the config.
Then we downloaded the file from KEMP support and began.
First we unzipped the file and moved the tar.gz to a linux server. Then my customer did some magic and we imported the image to the Nutanix plattform.
Then we created the new server, remember to choose IDE disk and not SCSI. If you choose SCSI the VM will come up but then terminate.
Then restore the old config and cert and then reboot.

Thanks to the Einar at the customer for find out about the IDE vs SCSI and that we did this real fast.


Teams on the move

There are lot's happening around me during these days. Have been real busy talking to different companies that want to build a POC around Telephony in Teams, or as I call it TiT.
Since we start to work hard on the the customers just want it.  They see the advantages that have everything in the cloud, and not on a internal datacenter.

Another interesting thing is that SBC in Azure from AudioCodes has been certified for Azure, and that the image from Azure is now working as it should.

There are also lot's of new feature sets comming to Teams, and more is still to come. One interesting thing is that we look forward on what will happens on the API futher forward. When vendors like Competella and other will get their hands on this API and be ready to make a full blown switchboard and ContactCenter solutions with good statistics and more.

Then we can start to fade out Skype for business onprem and move everyone to Microsoft Teams with TiT.

I also read something the other day that Teams and the numbers of users will double this year and next year after that.



Teams - Powershell

This week started off with a bang...new version of Powershell.
Powershell Teams v.0.9.6

If you is like me and has the 0.9.3 who was the old one just run the command
Install-Module -Name MicrosoftTeams -Force
to get it installed and you will get noticed that you have to either answer yes or A [yes to all].

As some of you have noticed we also got new Icons who will be installed soon. Just to wait and it will be there.

There are a lot going on in the Teams world now. Voice in on client works, customers are moving to Teams with telephony, and this is great.


Microsoft Teams - Statistics - AA and CQ

First of all. Under one month to Christmas. It's been a long time since my last blog out here. Been occupied in the name of Microsoft Teams.
One of the things I sees who are missing is when it comes to Statistics on the PhoneSystem. This has to do with AA and CQ.
AA you think, What is this? AA = Auto Attendant, where you handle opening hours, IVR functionality and so. Basic routing of calls to Microsoft Teams.
CQ what is that, its the second part of AA, CQ= Call Queues, where we route trafic to spesific Groups like we do in AA. but to build next level of this.
 This can't be so that when you call an AA or CQ you see talk time, phonenumer to who has called and what number the person has called into, and when it arrived. But you can't find out how has answered it.
This is real bad. I have spoke to Microsoft about this and there will come something new about this, but we don't know yet.
To get help we need people like you who read some of this to go here and vote.
and for this one as well

I'm sure that something will change about this, when you look what happens to API in Microsoft Graph.

Have a great week out there where ever you are.

Teams admin portal update

As many of you know already the Skype/Teams portal has changed name to nothing new here to report.