Test Jabra Engage 75 [**UPDATE**]

From Tektracom I got the new Jabra Engage 75 MONO today as I wanted to test it out.

Jabra Engage 75 
As we can see we have a docking to charge headset. Listen to music from Spotify works smooth. One thing I think was not so good is that the first I had to do was to update the firmware on it. It comes with an old firmware, but since this is a new headset and new on marked, I was expected it to have the latest one.

After the upgrade it was just a quick config on what I shall use it for.
I have testet it around in my office and since it has DECT standard it works all up at 10th floor when the base was in 8th floor. 
That is real nice and impressing.

Would I buy this for people, YES. As a office headset it's real nice to use.
Since it has DECT it quite expensive but its just fine and nice to use.
I will give it and 5 on the dice.

Since it' based on new DECT technologi it will give better distance. I tried it during useing the office elevator here at work, and the cool thing is that I tried it with my co-worker Ivar Naggum, and he keept the call up all time (#Skype4B ) call, and when I got back in the DECT zone it continued the call. Real nice and smooth I think.


KEMP MELA Webinar 9th May 2018 2pm CET

Hi dear readers.
As mentioned earlier, I will have a KEMP webinar. This is what they say about it.

KEMP Technologies like to invite you to their latest expert series webinar where KEMP All Star Influencer, Kai Stenberg from KEMPCenter Partner, BlinQ AS, will share his experience of implementing KEMP LoadMasters for customers across Europe.
Kai will share his unique insights on how Enterprises are deploying KEMP's centralised application delivery management platform (KEMP 360) and capacity based licensing model (MELA) to achieve greater flexibility, scalability and ROI.

Key Learning Points:
  • Legacy ADC architecture vs. the future
  • The use cases and benefits of Metered Licensing (MELA)
  • Metered Licensing administration
  • Discover how KEMP 360 Central provides centralised management and control of Application Delivery assets
  • CloudX (BIZSKYPE) customer success story

Please sign up and I look forward to have you there.


KEMP webinar about MELA - Pay as you grow [**Updated**]

As most of you know, I have been granted the title from KEMP Technologies as a KEMP VIP. One case I have been working on is this one:
This day I noticed that KEMP has asked me to run a webinar based on the MELA and how it works. This is something I real look forward to do again.
As many of you know I work for the one and only KEMP Center Partner in the nordics. And for me and blinQ AS this is important.
With the MELA you pay for what you are useing. All by the KEMP Central 360 where you can manage your VLM's. Upload firmware, reconfigure or what you want to do.

All this and how, where and why will be covered in this webinar.

Date and time has now come. 9th May 2018 at 2PM CET link for registration will come soon, so just check in later.

[** UPDATE 2**]
This will be an international webinar on english


Skype for Business CU Mars 2018 [**UPDATE**]

Microsoft has launched CU for Skype for Business server, this time Mars 2018. This gives build

You can download it here Latest CU Mars 2018

Since my last blogpost about the Desember 2017 this might be one for you. I am about to try it out now. If I find something about it. Be sure to read about it here.

After installing it the error contains screen sharing isn't allowed for this contact is now gone.


Skype for Business server CU desember 2017 [**BE AWARE**]

After installed the Desember 2017 CU for Skype for business Update 6.0.9319.510 there is a huge bug in this versjon.
When clients tries to share desktop they will get this error.

You have to contact Microsoft Support and create a ticket to get the update.  As it say on the post
To obtain this update, submit a request to Microsoft Customer Service and Support through the following Microsoft website: http://support.microsoft.com/contactus/?ws=support
After installing you will then be on 514 for your build.


My experience with Plantronics Voyager 6200 UC

As mentioned before this weekend I got the Voyager 6200 UC. Since I have the Plantronics HUB installed all the install went smooth even that I am running Windows 10 Insider version.

After listen to music and also had a Skype for Business meeting, well I think this a really good quality headset.


Plantronics UC-6200

Finaly, after weeks waiting now it's here. This I will look forward to try out.
The design looks great.
Thanks for it Plantronics Norway :-)

Going to write about over the weekend to tell how I it is. #thenextbigthing

Test Jabra Engage 75 [**UPDATE**]

From Tektracom I got the new Jabra Engage 75 MONO today as I wanted to test it out. Jabra Engage 75  As we can see we have a docking t...