Huddy Camera part 2

I have if you read my blogpost seen that I have got the Huddly camera. I have been testing it on my Surface PRO 4. I use Skype for Business on regular basis.
Today I testet the camera in a Skype4B call with a customer to try it out.
First we connected using the Sureface build in camera, and it was OK. Then I switched to the new Huddly Camera and WOW.
The wide 150 degrees, the zoom and the customer of mine said. WOW what a difference. The way to handle the camera during meeting or call is real nice and smooth.
The size is perfect to bring with your personal computer or if you want to use it in a conference room. I think this will get a lot's of places where you can use this.

If you want to know more or try it out. Please contact me or blinQ AS in Norway and we can help you with this.


Hyddly Camera

Welcome back to new year and new fun. When I got back from x-mas holiday and returned to my job, I had a new camera on my desk. I got my Huddly Camera.
See more about it on

I have just start to use it and it looks out real good so far. It's small and real compact and the specs is just brilliant. Works well on my Surface PRO 4 on Windows 10. More about testing it will come as soon I got some more to report, but it's nice.
Just download the latest software from Huddly and then you are good to go.


EWS error, EWS Not fully implemented [SOLVED!!] [UPDATED!!!]

Lately I have start to see this type of error, either where EWS internal URL is blank also the External URL.

The Skype for Business is running on Windows server 2016, Exchange 2016 and Hybrid to O365. After lots of Google on this. Added Kerberos for Skype for Business. Changed OAuth certificate but the client got prompted about for Exchange credential all the time and it did not help at all give this to the client.
It was now time to ask my co-worker Ivar Naggum who is the Exchange Expert at blinQ about this, and together with Alexander Tuvström who was from the customer


All from headset to Skype4B Hybrid issues to an interview

It's been a while since my last blog. So this will contains a lots that has happened lately.
So lets go........
Yesterday 6th Desember 2017, I was interviewed by a journalist who is going to write something about KEMP Technologies, MELA, KEMP 360 Central. Looking forward when it comes out. Was great, and this how we KEMP VIP's does it. Want to know more about KEMP Loadmaster, well contact me or blinQ AS, and we can give you an introduction to the world of  Harware LoadBalancing and how to use it as a reverse proxy.


Skype for Business - Windows server 2016

As we know with the CU from May 2017 we now have support fort Windows server 2016.
Today I started to install this Onprem for a customer.
Just be aware of that this blog here tells about it:
And it works like a charm. I have not tried the registry hack that is mentioned here, but just after step 2 I installed the fix for it, and then the CU.

Good look it works just fine :-)


Microsoft Teams Roadmap

Yesterday I got an e-mail that made me happy. I got the new roadmap for Microsoft Teams.
You can read all about it here:

The PowerPoint presentation can be read from this link.
PDF Roadmap

Be aware that dates can changes. From my perspective I think this is what IC is about and one of the feature that I like that comes soon is the integration between Skype for Business Persistent Chat and MS-Teams integration.


Azure Stack - KEMP Technologies

Finally Azure Stack has arrived. In Norway there are different companies that can deliver this service. Azure Stack is Hybrid Azure, where you combine Azure and Azure Stack.
But did you know that KEMP Loadmaster is the one and only LBA/ADC in Azure and Azure Stack.
And if you plan to move your environment to Azure and Azure Stack, and you are already a KEMP customer, then you can move your license to the new environment.
If you new to KEMP and planning to move into Azure or Azure stack, then I would recommend that you talk to a KEMP Center Partner. Complete list will you find here:

For Norway we have 1 KEMP Center Partner who has the knowledge and has educated sales and tech's for this:
KEMP Center Partner in Norway

Huddy Camera part 2

I have if you read my blogpost  seen that I have got the Huddly camera. I have been testing it on my Surface PRO 4. I use Skype for Business...